Kube VIP

Kube VIP is software based load balancer for Kubernetes services and control-plane (for building HA clusters). For a HA cluster, Kube VIP has the capability to provide a high availability virtual IP for the Kubernetes control-plane.

Kube VIP needs to be installed as a static pod since we need a virtual IP in order to bootstrap Kubernetes (the classical chicken and egg problem).

The following must be ran on one of the control plane nodes:

Set virtual IP

An unused IP address in your network must be reserved for Kube VIP. In production environment you likely also want to configure a DNS A record entry pointing to it.

# unused IP address or FQDN pointing to that IP address
export VIP=

Set interface

The name of the interface on the control plane node (ip -c a).

export INTERFACE=enp1s0

Set Kube VIP version

# v0.5.7 at the time of writing
export KVVERSION=$(curl -sL https://api.github.com/repos/kube-vip/kube-vip/releases | jq -r ".[0].name")

Pull down Kube VIP image

ctr is a client for interacting with containerd and is installed along with it. If you happen to use another container runtime (example: CRI-O) look for similar alternatives.

sudo ctr image pull ghcr.io/kube-vip/kube-vip:$KVVERSION
alias kube-vip="ctr run --rm --net-host ghcr.io/kube-vip/kube-vip:$KVVERSION vip /kube-vip"

Create manifest

Manifests for static pods live under /etc/kubernetes/manifests/

sudo kube-vip manifest pod \
    --interface $INTERFACE \
    --address $VIP \
    --controlplane \
    --services \
    --arp \
    --leaderElection | sudo tee /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-vip.yaml

Omit --services if you do not want to use Kube VIP for Kubernetes services. Read more about the flags here

Bootstrap Kubernetes cluster

With Kube VIP setup, the cluster can now be bootstrapped.

sudo kubeadm init \
  --control-plane-endpoint $VIP \
  [additional arguments ...]